• OPT Bench 04 - Curl

    To connect to your Multi Training Bench, the Curl accessory allows you to train your biceps.

    199,00 €tax incl.

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  • Multi Training Rack HBS

    The Multi Training Rack will be allow you to train with free loads safely. Thanks to this rack with adjustable heights and optimal stability, you will achieve a multitude of exercises for an excellent quality / price ratio.

    549,00 €tax incl.

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  • OPT Rack 01 - Lat attachment / dorsal pull HBS

    In addition to your Rack, the Dorsal pull accessory allows you to achieve a multitude of complementary exercises. Space saving, its movement is fluid and pleasant.

    299,00 €tax incl.

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  • OPT Rack 02 - Poulie vis-a-vis HBS

    The Cable attachment accessory connects very easily to your Rack, allowing you to work under load in depth.

    399,00 €tax incl.

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  • Multi Training Station

    The Multi Transformer Station is a station to train you at home like pros. Developed by a team of professionals, its fluid movements thanks to the revolutionary ErgoMove technology will allow you to work all the muscle groups with safety, pleasure and comfort. A complete, compact, and ergonomic machine for professional home training.

    849,00 €tax incl.

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