• Flat Bench HBS

    Light, with a modern look, the Flat Bench is THE optimal bench to start in the world of sport. It allows, using dumbbells, to begin basic exercises.

    129,00 €tax incl.

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  • Multi Training Bench

    Stable and ergonomic, the Multi Training Bench is the indispensable HBS bench to begin muscle building in a minimum of space. An indispensable ally of our Multi Training Station, its quality and design will allow you, with options, to work the core muscle groups.

    249,00 €tax incl.

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  • Foldable Olympic Bench

    Foldable, stable and robust, the Fordable Olympic Bench allows free development fans to train at home. With little clutter, it is suitable for amateurs as well as experienced practitioners.

    399,00 €tax incl.

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