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360,00 €

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The perfect station for your training like PROS at home!

The Multi Transformer Station has been specially designed for you by a team of professionals.

The machine was developed with a revolutionary movement “The ErgoMove Convergence”.

  • Convergence ErgoMove: developed jointly by a mechanical engineering firm and an osteopath specialised in high-level sport, the movements of the arms of the machine are adapted to the physiognomy of arms and wrists. The movement is optimised to avoid getting injured, and give maximum pleasure and comfort.
  • CarbonTex: ultra-resistant coating with a carbon texture that gives a stylish and technical effect to your equipment.
  • EasyRoll: a retractable wheel system that allows easy movement of your machine and thus saves space in your home.
  • QuickLock: the handles of the machine are adjustable according to the desired angle or the exercises.
    To facilitate adjustment, the QuickLock mechanism allows quick locking.

The Multi Transformer Station is an indispensable machine for training without injury and intensive muscular development.
Its fluid movements will give you sensations of exceptional training.
The materials used on this machine are of excellent quality, giving it a long life of usage.

You can easily train each muscle group with a multitude of exercises. You no longer want to wait for your turn in the gym or waste time getting there? Hence Multi Transformer Station will be your ideal partner for maintaining and progressing in safety!

Advantages of the machine:

  • Train at home: no longer wander around the gym, do not wait until the equipment is free, no longer pay a subscription.
  • Do short but daily sessions.
  • Work all muscle groups on one machine that is compact and ergonomic.

Which muscles can I train?
Pectoral - Shoulders - Back - Trapezius - triceps - biceps - thighs - ham strings - calves - abdomen